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1 Simple Secret to Naturally Radiant Healthy Hair

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We often make the assumption that if we wash our hair regularly then our hair will be clean and radiant. Whilst washing our hair will effectively clean the hair, it is the treatment of our hair after cleaning which often leaves it covered in debris again.


The grime-spreading culprit? Your hairbrush.


Hairbrushes do so much more than just remove tangles from our hair. They also drag out dead skin cells, dust mites, lint dust, natural oils, and residues from styling products. These contaminations turn your hairbrush into a breeding paradise for bacteria & yeast. When you brush your freshly washed hair, it is likely you are coating your wonderfully clean hair in a plethora of germy gunk.


For fabulously radiant, healthy hair, we need to keep our hairbrushes clean and contamination free.


Follow these simple steps to rid your brush of bacteria-laden build up:

  1. Remove trapped hair from brush. A thin comb works well.
  2. Soak the bristles in Tri Nature Sanitiser (dilute 1 part Sanitiser to 5 parts water. Soak for 60mins. Solution remains active for up to 24hrs). Note: Do not let any wooden handles get wet.
  3. Once soaked, use an old toothbrush to scrub the base and bristles for any remaining contamination.
  4. Once scrubbed, rinse off under clean water and let dry (face down) on your countertop.


For synthetic brushes, we recommend a weekly sanitising clean. Brushes containing natural bristles should be cleaned 1-2 times per month.


Keeping your hairbrush clean and sanitised will ensure that your hair is looking fresh, radiant, and healthy all year round. Don’t forget to clean your children's hairbrushes and combs too!


X Leah

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