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3 Simple Reasons Why You Should Buy Australian Made Products


Now more than ever, Australians have a deeper understanding of how important buying Australian Made products is for our society.

These are the products that we can depend on in challenging times, when foreign economies are thrown into chaos and our imports are affected. But they are also so much more than that.

Tri Nature has always been exceptionally proud to be a 100% Australian family-owned business. We are even more proud of our amazing team, who work hard to manufacture and dispatch our customer’s orders with the strictest standards of care and quality, all from our Headquarters in Newcastle, NSW.

Not only are we proud to be a 100% Australian made and owned manufacturer, but our products are produced with the environment, the safety of Australian families and the future of our planet always in mind. We have been producing our top-quality eco-friendly range of products and supporting our local community since 1989.


So why is it so important for us to support Australian business? Well, here are 3 simple reasons why:


Australian made means high quality

Australia is globally renowned as a manufacturer of some of the highest quality products in the world, and for a very good reason. Our Australian Consumer Laws impose strict mandatory standards for Australian products in terms of both safety and the information that’s provided to the consumer. These strict laws ensure that the quality of Australia’s manufactured products is always high, with packaging and labelling that endeavour to keep the consumer informed, and safe. 

Combined with strict product liability regulations, companies are made accountable for the products that they produce, offering the consumer excellent protection and the ability to shop with utmost confidence. 

Because of these high quality standards, Australian products are also very well received offshore, and in many foreign markets they are also particularly sought after too.


Buying Australian made means reducing your carbon footprint

As well as our strict Consumer Laws, Australian manufacturers must adhere to stricter environmental policies than many of the large manufacturing hubs of the world as well. With pristine beaches, lush landscapes and a beautiful array of native wildlife to protect, Australians are often more environmentally mindful than many of their foreign competitors. 

As an added bonus, buying local reduces energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions in comparison to foreign imports.


Australian made means boosting our economy

“Did you know that if every household spent an extra $10 a week on Australian Made products, an additional $5 billion would be generated in our economy, creating 11,000 new jobs?” - Roy Morgan

We all know that buying local supports the Australian economy, but how often do we think about how far that support can actually extend? 

Buying Australian products and produce supports the Australian families who are business owners, whether it be our farmers, manufacturers or even the local cafe owner down the street. 

By supporting these businesses, we are also protecting the places that provide employment for many Australian people in return. These businesses also, in turn, support our local communities through sponsorships and donations. For example, the local sporting club, schools, or the fundraiser being run for a local family in distress. By buying local, our businesses and our communities can support each other. It’s the Australian way.


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