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Bath Salts

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A stunning bath-time experience that will lift your spirits, soak away your cares and leave your body feeling pampered and silky - with your energy and vitality restored.

Boosted with an aromatic blend of essential oils:
Palmarosa - Promotes calming, uplifting, balancing and healing properties. Reduces restlessness, stress, anguish and depression.
Patchouli - Promotes energy, fulfilment and peacefulness. Reduces anxiety, depression, exhaustion, insomnia and conflict.
Bergamot - Promotes relaxation, motivation, strength, calmness and fulfilment. Reduces anxiety, loneliness, grief, mental fatigue, sadness and tension.
Geranium - Promotes Promotes balance, calmness, healing and mental clarity. Reduces stress, depression and tension.
Lemon Myrtle - Promotes confidence, endurance, willpower and clarity of thought. Reduces depression, fatigue, intolerance, effects of 
over indulgence and lethargy.
Cedarwood - Promotes comfort, inner tranquility, lovingness and understanding. Reduces inflamed skin conditions, irritability, restlessness, self doubt, sleeplessness and stress.

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