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Tri Nature FAQ

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Are Tri Nature products ‘chemical free’?

It would be grossly misleading to claim that any products where ‘chemical free’. There is simply no such thing. Everything on earth is 100% chemical. The Granny Smith Apple we eat, the air and water in our environment, even our human body is composed entirely of chemicals. ‘Chemical’ has become a term of fear due to misleading advertising. However, it need not be – instead we need to understand the difference between safe and harmful chemicals.

Do you have a list of ingredients for your products?

Ingredient lists for our products are available on our website and on our product information sheets. All personal care products also contain ingredients lists on the packaging. This ensures that our customers are provided with the knowledge to make accurate and informed choices for themselves and their families.

Why do you use fragrances in your products?

All the herbal extracts and many of the naturally derived materials we use have their own distinctive and often not very pleasant smell. Most of them are certainly not attractive enough to satisfy the consumer’s requirements for pleasant aroma. We therefore add essential oil blends or essential oil based fragrances to our products so that a commercially acceptable result is obtained.

What are essential oil based fragrances?

Our essential oil based fragrances contain essential oils blended with components, isolated from essential oils, and nature identical oils. These are professionally blended to achieve the desired fragrance. The creation of our fragrance blends is done either in our own laboratories or by specialist perfumeries.

Do your fragrances contain phthalates?

All fragrances used by Tri Nature are phthalate-free.

Does Tri Nature use SLS in any products?

No. SLS stands for Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. It is a surfactant ingredient commonly used in detergent and personal care products throughout the world. It is an ingredient that can be created from coconut or palm oil, or from petrochemical sources. We do not use SLS in any of our products – our only reasoning for this being that there are more modern, gentle, higher quality alternatives available. There have been many unfounded and incorrect statements made about ‘side effects’ of this ingredient.

Does Tri Nature use Parabens in any of the products?

No. Tri Nature does not use paraben preservatives in any of our products.


Ethical and Environmental Sustainability:

Does Tri Nature test its products on animals?

No. Tri Nature does not test its products on animals and is accredited with the Choose Cruelty Free (CCF) organisation.

Which of your products are vegan friendly?

All of Tri Nature’s products are vegetarian friendly and vegan friendly.

Are your products certified organic?

No. The premium quality ingredients and essential oils used in the Tri Nature products are gentle, high purity and naturally derived and many of them are from certified organic sources.

Does Tri Nature use Palm Oil?

Tri Nature does not directly use any palm oil in our products but we do use small amounts of emulsifiers and emollient ingredients that may be derived from palm oil. Whilst we make every effort to use alternative ingredients it is very difficult to formulate some product types (e.g. creams and lotions) without any palm derivatives. We have reduced the amount of these palm oil derivatives as much as we can and any palm oil derived materials we do use are sourced from environmentally conscious suppliers that are members of the Roundtable of Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO).

Are Tri Nature products suitable for use in grey water systems?

Yes, when used as instructed. We consider that all waters containing Tri Nature products at normal, prudent levels are safe for use on gardens and lawns. Tri Nature products do not contain any toxins or compounds that could affect the health of the soil. We do however recommend that the pH of the soil be monitored if using grey water frequently.

Are Tri Nature products biodegradable and can they be used in a Septic System?

Tri Nature products are readily biodegradable and compatible with both septic and bio-cycle systems when used in moderation and as instructed.

Is Tri Nature’s packaging recyclable?

Yes. All of the packaging we use is fully recyclable. We label our products with recycling messages to encourage our customers to recycle packaging correctly.


Cleaning and Laundry:

Is Excel safe to use on stone/slate bathrooms?  

Excel should not be used on slate or other reactive stone. The gentlest product to use is Chamomile Dishwashing Liquid, which can be diluted at 4ml of Chamomile dishwashing liquid in a regular household bucket.

Is Optimate Floor Cleaner safe to use on wooden floor boards?

Yes. You can use the Optimate Floor Cleaner on any hard, sealed surface as directed, such as laminate, floorboards, concrete, or stone.

Which of your cleaning products is pH neutral for use on surfaces that require a neutral pH cleaner such as natural stone, granite and travertine?

We recommend the use of Chamomile Dishwashing Liquid diluted in water for cleaning surfaces that require a neutral cleaner. It can be diluted at 4ml of Chamomile dishwashing liquid in a regular household bucket.

Why does Tri Nature use Optical Brighteners in their Laundry Liquid and Powders and are they biodegradable?

Tri Nature has researched the field of optical brighteners exhaustively and found no basis for any suspicion that the use of our chosen brightening agents can cause any detrimental effects. Our optical brighteners are classified as non-toxic to animals and to the environment. They are biodegradable and because of their efficiency are used at only very small levels. The argument of some seems to revolve around their non-essential or cosmetic nature. The fact is that a product that does not display the brightness and whiteness characteristics that optical brighteners give is much less acceptable to consumers, no matter how efficiently they clean or how ‘environmentally responsible’ they purport to be.

I have been told not to use laundry products with Optical Brighteners on my cloth nappies because they cause the fabrics to repel liquids. What products can I use?

This is another internet myth. Optical brighteners are used in very small amounts and have absolutely no effect on the absorbency of any fabric. However, for customers who still may not wish to use optical brighteners, we recommend Alpha Plus Pre Wash Soak and Alpha Plus Gentle Wash as these products do not contain optical brighteners.

Is Sphagnum Moss or Sanazone suitable for sanitising beauty care implements, i.e. pedicure tools tweezers & cuticle clippers etc.?

YES. The dilution ratio is 20-25 parts water: 1 part sphagnum moss. The tools should be soaked for a minimum of 10-15 minutes to ensure complete sanitising.

Can Sanazone Odourless Disinfectant kill food borne bacteria?

Sanazone Odourless Disinfectant is a powerful disinfectant concentrate with a broad spectrum of bacterial effectiveness. It is especially designed for food preparation areas and is acceptable under AQIS (Australian Quarantine Inspection Service) for use as a disinfectant in meat processing plants.


Personal Care:

Which personal care products contain nut based ingredients?

The list below indicates all the Tri Nature products that include nuts / nut-derived ingredients.  If a customer has concerns regarding the presence of nut-derived ingredients in their body care products, they should speak to their healthcare practitioner.

  • Body Wash – Blood Orange
  • Body Moisturiser – Blood Orange
  • Body Moisturiser – Citrus Orchard
  • Body Moisturiser – Island Escape
  • Luxury Massage Blend
  • Sweet Almond Oil
  • Intensive Night Cream
  • Purifying Facial Cleanser
  • Replenishing Balm
  • Radiant Eye Cream
  • Adult Soothing Lotion
  • Baby Soothing Lotion
Do your personal care products contain gluten / wheat derivatives?

Wheat proteins are used in some our personal care products to provide excellent strengthening, soothing and conditioning benefits to both skin and hair.

We would like to draw your attention to the links from the Mayo Clinic and Dermal Institute that state that the topical application of gluten containing products poses no harm to people with Celiac disease or other forms of gluten intolerance.

If you still have concerns regarding the use of our personal care products containing wheat proteins, please speak to your healthcare practitioner.

Please find below a list of Tri Nature products that include wheat proteins.

Current Range
  • Body Wash (All fragrances)
  • Body Moisturiser (All fragrances)
  • Gentle Face Wash (All fragrances)
  • 2in1 Shampoo / Conditioner
  • Moisture Rich Shampoo
  • Moisture Rich Conditioner
  • Daily Care Shampoo
  • Daily Care Conditioner
  • Colour Protect Shampoo
  • Colour Protect Conditioner
  • Kid’s 2in1 Shampoo / Conditioner - Pearberry Pop
  • Kid’s Body Wash - Watermelon Whirl
  • Kid’s Body Wash - Blueberry Blast

Why does the ingredients list on your antiperspirants and deodorants contain alcohol if your products are alcohol-free?

In personal care products and cosmetics the statement ‘alcohol free’ as seen on the Aurora and Balance antiperspirants refers to the fact that the product contains no ethanol (or ethyl alcohol). Ethanol, commonly known as alcohol is the type alcohol that is found in alcoholic beverages and some people wish to avoid it as they believe that it may be drying to the skin. Although sharing a similar name, fatty alcohols such as Cetyl Alcohol are a different group of ingredients derived from oils that help to moisturise the skin. This article from the US FDA may provide you more information (http://www.fda.gov/Cosmetics/Labeling/Claims/ucm2005201.htm).


Health, Safety and Storage:

Are your products safe for children and babies?

Yes. Tri Nature cleaning products are generally considered to be safe for use around children and babies. Care should be taken to minimise direct contact with household cleaning products and steps should be taken to ensure products are safely stored away from children and babies.

Tri Nature has a Baby and Kids range of personal care products that has been specially formulated for our little ones.

Are your products safe to use around pets?

Whilst generally considered to be safe for use around pets, care should be taken to minimise direct contact with any household cleaning products. Cats are particularly sensitive to essential oils and care should be taken when using our essential oils.

Tri Nature has a range of K9 Pro products specifically formulated for your dog.

I’m pregnant. Are your products safe for me to use?

Yes. Tri Nature products are generally safe to use during pregnancy when used according to the directions for use. However, we recommend consulting your health care professional before using our 100% essential oils, essential oil blends, Rejuvenating Cream and Joint and Muscle Cream as some essential oils should not be used in high concentrations during pregnancy. Our other products do contain small amounts of essential oils for fragrance but these levels are considered safe.

Are Tri Nature products safe to ingest?

No. Even though our products are plant based we DO NOT suggest ingesting any of the Tri Nature products. If accidental ingestion does occur, please refer to our Safety Data Sheets and contact your doctor immediately, and call the poisons information centre 13 11 26.

Where is the best place to store Tri Nature products?

It is best to store your Tri Nature products in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.


Payments, Shipping and Handling:

How do I order and pay for my products?

You can order directly with us via phone, our website, or via email. We accept payment via credit card, PayPal or direct deposit. We do not accept Diners or American Express Credit Cards.


When will my order be despatched?

It normally takes 2-3 business days for your order to be despatched from us once payment has been received successfully, although during peak periods, such as sales, your order can take up to 7-10 business days to be despatched from us.

What packing materials do you use?

We use shredded paper supplied to us by The Mai-Wel Group. Here at Tri Nature we strongly believe in helping the local community and re-using wasteful materials.

How can I track my order?

Once your order has been despatched from us via StarTrack, you will be emailed a tracking number. Please allow up to 2 days to receive your tracking email.  You can either click the link in the email, or you can copy the tracking number and enter it into www.startrack.com.au.

If you have requested your order not to be left at the delivery address, or the delivery address is a post office box, your order will be shipped via Australia Post.

What if I’m not at home when my order arrives?

In the event that there may be no one to accept delivery of your order to the nominated delivery address, you are required to provide instructions as to what should be done with the goods upon delivery. If there are no such instructions provided to us, then a card will be left by the driver asking you to contact the delivery depot.

If you do not have any safe “drop points” at the premises, you will need to consider you delivery sent to an alternate address.

If your delivery address is in a remote area, we suggest that you nominate a “ship to” address that offers reliable freight services. If you are unsure if you live in a remote location, please check with your local Post Office or www.startrack.com.au for the best possible arrangements.

Do you take back orders?

No, if something in your order is out of stock your order will be held until that item is in stock, or we will contact you via email.

What locations do you ship to?

We ship Australia wide!


Loyalty Program,  Business Accounts and Distributors:

What is the loyalty program and how do I join?

Our Loyalty Program is free to join and your customers can easily sign up by clicking here. Your Loyalty Member customers will receive a 5% discount on their orders and flat rate shipping fees! Being a Loyalty Member is great because it allows your customers to stay up-to-date with all of promotions and notices which are sent via email.

Can I repackage & redistribute Tri nature products? (e.g. concentrates and bulk items)

Tri Nature products (including our laundry powders) are not to be repacked for resale. Our bulk size packs are available for commercial users, large volume users and to refill Tri Nature containers only. The reasoning behind the decision to only sell our products in our original packaging is to protect our product quality, ensure that there is no contamination of our product before it reaches the customer and also ensure that all products are stored in appropriate containers with the correct label. We offer our laundry powder in a variety of sizes so that customers have the option of purchasing a size that suits their needs.

I'm a business and would like to start using or selling your products? 

Simply head over to the contact us section of our website and complete the Business Account Application form.  Once submitted, we will review your application and be in contact.