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Soaking 101 - When to Soak and for How Long?


Soaking or Spot Cleaning - Is anyone else always faced with this dilemma?

I don’t know about you, but with two little children I seem to be always faced with stains on clothes and wondering when I should soak them and when I should just give them a quick spray and then put them in the wash. After speaking with the team at Tri Nature HQ, I was given a little insight into our Top Tips for Soaking! . . . 


At Tri Nature, we suggest that for effective stain removal, both general and heavily stained fabrics should ALWAYS be treated prior to washing and we split this into 2 categories.


1. For heavy staining or brightening whites, we recommend using our Alpha Plus Pre Soak Powder.  Simply add 1x 25g scoop to a bucket and commence soaking. For best results leave soaking for a minimum of 60 minutes. Then pop in the washing machine with our Alpha Plus Laundry Powder. No rinsing prior to putting in the machine required!

Should you use hot or cold water to soak? For stains of blood, fruit, dirt, coffee, soak in cold water and for grease and oil-based stains soak in hot water. Simple!


2. For general staining and discolouration’s you can treat the fabric with our Enhance Pre Wash Spray. Simply spray onto the affected area and leave sit for two minutes prior to commencing a wash cycle.


Since gaining this insight and understanding the difference between using hot and cold water, I have never looked back and my family’s clothes are now cleaner and brighter. As always, I wash all our clothes in my favourite Alpha Plus Laundry Powder - my favourite is the Ocean Fresh as I absolutely love the fragrance!


So next time you’re wondering what to do, follow our Top Tips for Soaking and let the results speak for themselves.



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