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Homemade Dishwashing Liquid - Why it's not a good idea to DIY


There has been alot of chatter on the web regarding homemade and DIY cleaning products. I decided to have a chat with our chemists in the lab and get their thoughts on the topic. As I had suspected – they were very concerned.


Why is it such a bad idea?


They informed me that not only is it concerning for people to mix up their own products with no chemistry qualifications or experience but generally the ingredients suggested could ruin your surfaces and furniture and well they really just don’t perform! They explained that even natural ingredients can be dangerous if not formulated and combined correctly and that there isn’t a one product solution for every cleaning application.


As this topic is very dependent on the formulas/recipes advised and the particular product, we have decided to tackle them one product at a time.

And today – we’re tackling the Dishwashing Liquid . . .



Here are some ingredients prevalent in many DIY Dishwashing Liquid recipes on the web and why you shouldn’t be using them:


Common Soap

·        High pH - A good dishwashing liquid relies on detergency to emulsify the contaminations, solubise them, suspend them in the wash water so that they do not redeposit and rinses them away without leaving a residue. Increasing the pH of the wash product reduces this potential and can be a major irritant to the skin.

·        Irritating and drying on hands – A bad choice for those suffering from skin conditions. The normal pH of human skin is about 5.5.  Tri Nature keeps very close to this pH in order to maximise the gentleness of the product and minimise any irritating effect. When products with a pH of 8 or more are used, skin irritation is most likely.

·        Poor rinsing.

·        Non soluble residues.

·        Streaking effect.

·        In the 1950’s house wives used to put common soap bars into soap savers and swish them around in a sink of hot water. The residues that were formed from using the soap used to build up to such an extent that they would regularly block the piping.

Image result for soap saver metal


Castile Soap Bar / Soap Flakes

·        Castile soap is olive oil based, but is still a soap. Same bad characteristics as common soap.

·        Usually sourced from craft manufacturers where pH is likely to be even higher than common soap.  Minimum pH likely to be ≈ 9.

·        Irritating and drying on hands.


Baking Soda / Sodium Bicarbonate  

·        Similarly as above, increases pH and a poor performer (pH 1% solution 8.35).

·        Irritating and drying on hands.


Washing Soda / Sodium Carbonate

·        Very common alkaline salt - again, similar characteristics to common soap.  High pH  ( pH 1% solution >11).

·        Non foaming

·        Irritating and drying on hands.


Vegetable Glycerin

·        No cleaning activity

·        Some moisturising potential but this would not be effective with these formula types.



·        This ingredient is an acid (acetic acid) and the fact it would be used in cleaning products is ridiculous.

·        It cannot emulsify fatty or oily soils.

·        Hard drying.

·        Irritating and drying on hands.

·        A useless cleaner.


Liquid Cleaners (All purpose cleaners prevalent in many recipes)  

·        Usually the most prevalent ingredient in these products is SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) which is the oldest and most irritating of all surfactants.


Distilled Water

·        Makes the formula too diluted

·        A low active product


With 30 years of sustainable manufacturing expertise you can trust that not only do we know what we are doing, our highly trained chemists have done the tireless hours of research and testing and testing again for you! This ensures that only the safest and healthiest choice for you and your family are brought into your home.


Therefore, if you’re looking for the safest, non-toxic naturally derived dishwashing liquid on the market – we have the product for you! Among many of the detailed requirements put to the team for this product, here is a list of some they have completely nailed and why since 1989 this is still one of our best selling products today. -


Tri Nature's Chamomile Dishwashing Liquid

·        Made from naturally derived, plant based ingredients.

·        Environmentally Friendly – Biodegrades quickly.

·        Must be extremely gentle on hands – perfect for people with eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis.

·        No gloves required - doesn’t dry your hands out or result in irritation.

·        Emulsifies the contaminations, solubises them, suspend them in the wash water so that they do not redeposit and rinses them away without leaving a residue.

·        pH balanced.

·        Non-Toxic.

·        Infused with Essential Oils for a calming effect.

·        Additionally can be used as a fruit and veggie wash. Leaves no aftertaste.

·        Suitable in both a domestic and commercial setting.


Don’t just take our word for how fantastic this product is. Give it a try today and if you’re not impressed, we’re not impressed.

We offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee because we believe you will be 100% satisfied with our fantastic range of green cleaning and personal care products!



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