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Our Green Laundry Starter Set - Only $55 This Weekend!


Have you been considering making the switch to natural eco-friendly products for your laundry? Well, we have some good news for you!

Tri Nature’s Green Laundry Starter set is the perfect choice for you and for a limited time only, you can get our Starter set for only $55. Buy now!

Our award-winning, planet-friendly laundry products have stood the test of time in Australian homes for over 30 years.


This innovative starter set includes:

Additionally, when you purchase this set you’ll receive a sample of our Maxim Machine Descaler FREE.


Before you make the change to Tri Nature’s Award-winning Alpha Plus Laundry Powder, we recommend that you do a deep clean of your machine with the Maxim Machine Descaler to remove any build-up of grime which can often be left from other household brands which are clogged with fillers and extenders. Simply pour 50mls into the floor of your machine and run an empty hot cycle and viola!


If you’re looking for an excuse to switch to Tri Nature, there’s never been a better time to do it. Place your order now! This offer is for a limited time only and ends at 5pm AEST Monday 22nd June.